What made me decide to run?

I am not running for City Council because I have any political aspirations. I simply love the city and want to see our Leadership look more fully representative of its people.

Our city’s stance against the police department in June and our growing reputation as being resistant to business development were two of the major reasons why I decided to run.

I will serve the city of Norman with dignity and honor.  My service will not be about myself.  It will always be about the city of Norman and her citizens.

Jay on the issues

  1. Support local business

Local government should work with, not against, local businesses.

Our city council missed a great opportunity to show local businesses that our city leaders support them, when they funnelled the bulk of our Covid CARES money to special interest projects and only a small portion to the small businesses that make our city run.

We need to continue to support our local businesses with fervor while being open to bring the best new business partners into Norman.  Sales tax is what our city runs on and is critical to help support all of the other great projects we want to get done – projects that improve quality of life and preserve the community feel of our city.

Like many people I know, I have grown tired of watching Norman miss out on great business partners such as Costco, the Warren Theater and Dick’s Sporting Goods.  All of these expressed interest to build in Norman, but chose to partner with Moore because we have made the barriers to enter Norman too high. Moore is exploding with new business and in many cases have taken millions of dollars in sales tax away from Norman.

City government is almost entirely dependent on sales tax revenue.  The tax base supported by new businesses would improve our streets, fund pay raises for municipal employees, and support our excellent schools, not to mention the new jobs these establishments would bring to our community. Not to mention that people coming to stay in our hotels provide hotel tax dollars that support the Arts in Norman.  And citizens of every type – liberal, conservative and moderate – would all enjoy the convenience of shopping here.

We can preserve all the things about Norman that we love while still growing our community and economy.

  1. Promote public safety

We can walk in empathy and pursue unity without unfairly moving against the group of people who keep us safe — our police. I will support the brave men and women of local law enforcement.

With our decision to reduce the police department budget, we showed that we are prone to react to national trends rather than listen and make decisions that are best for our city.

  1. Push Norman forward

I am a big fan of the quality of life projects in Norman Forward.  I want to see them through, but our current city council hasn’t moved with purpose and has reduced funding. Projects just linger. Money is reallocated against the citizens’ wishes.

I will push to fulfill the promises of Norman Forward as originally endorsed by our citizens.